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Company History

Ferran Garreta is a family run company based in Vic near Barcelona. We specialise in the production of copper, brass, silver and gold objects.

All our products are crafted by skilled hands and are true works of art. Our company boasts over 130 years of history and is highly diversified. Each generation of our family has introduced new techniques to work with metal and has brought new inspiration to our works of art.

Our company was founded by Bonaventura Garreta in 1892. Initially, he mainly created everyday copper objects, such as pitchers, pots, pans, measuring cups, kettles and cauldrons.

His son, Lluís Garreta, introduced the new art of embossing and became an Embossing Master. During this period, the number of orders from clients increased significantly and Lluís completed many creations using copper, brass and silver sheets, aimed at decorating living-rooms, bedrooms, gardens and open spaces. It is worth mentioning the spectacular cross that can still be seen hanging above the altar of Vic’s cathedral. He gained wide recognition for his outstanding skills and hard work and won several prestigious national and international awards between 1940 and 1976.

The next generation of the company is led by Ferran Garreta, Artisan Master in embossing, engraving and forging. He introduced the creation of copper and brass sculptures, as well as many cast iron objects. In addition to this, he also introduced the art of restoring antiques and valuable objects.

Thanks to his expertise in the art of embossing and engraving, he can make beautiful portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Amongst other things, he creates signs, heraldic shields and liturgical objects, as well as chalices, tabernacles and Baptismal Font. He also makes different types of armour inspired by ancient designs.

We are now in the fourth generation and our artistic tradition is preserved by Carme and Sílvia Garreta.

Carme Garreta is specialised in sculpture and enamelwork. She colours metal using the thousand-year-old technique of fired enamel over copper, silver and gold. Carme recently won the 2007 ‘Fired Enamel over Metal National Award’ at the VII International Enamel Biennial Exhibition in Salou. Her creations combine enamel with precious metals and stones.

Sílvia Garreta specialises in the design of jewellery, gemmology, and stone engraving and setting. This has brought a new wealth of expertise and has opened up new horizons when finishing ornamental and religious creations. Sílvia is an expert in the creation of technically difficult pieces of art with exclusive designs.

Everything we do is the result of teamwork and a combination of the art techniques mentioned above. Our main aim is to offer hand-made, personalised and artistic objects to all our clients.

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